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Benefits of Foam Rolling / Self Myofascial Release

1.  Foam rolling helps reduce pain and tightness by keeping muscles from becoming overactive.  Use pre and post work outs for your own self massage.         

2. Foam rolling aids in the breaking up of adhesion's and the kneading out of the muscle fascia after a hard training session by increasing circulation to the area ridding the body of toxins while increasing cellular function and muscle repair. Sources claim it boosts our immune system and may fight cellulite as well.

3. Foam rolling followed by stretching enhances athletic performance so you can perform at your optimal levels, it helps to speed up recovery from an injury and helps in injury prevention by correcting muscle imbalances, increasing mobility and flexibility.

Check out some of the handy devices below, there are  some  great options from Amazon that I have used.  I especial like the IntelliRoll a great design for the thoracic (Mid) and lumbar (lower) regions of the back.  This  roller is designed to avoid direct pressure over the spines processes that may be uncomfortable to some or contraindicated with those that have arthritic diagnoses, osteoarthritis,  osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, ect. Always check with your health care professional first before using any type of equipment your unfamiliar with.