MP Fitness / Maui Personal Training


Following My Passion

I have been in the fitness profession for over 15 years while working in various healthcare and fitness settings from Acute Hospital Care, to Out pt. Therapy, Home Health Care, and as a Licensed Personal Trainer with a back ground in Corrective Exercises.  I realize the value and the importance of offering personal, professional and effective customized plans that meet your individual  needs and your specific goal while focusing on safety and injury prevention.


Your Body Your Goals!

Whether recovering from illness, injury, or surgery. Mp Fitness provides progressive strength training for  weight management without the hours of hours of cardio. Fall prevention is offered through balance and coordination training promoting core stabilization and lower extremity strength. MP Fitness offers corrective exercises that provide increased flexibility for those in pain and address's muscle imbalances and weakness that might be limiting your desire to maintain an active lifestyle.


Be the best version of you!

Reasonable prices!  Private and semi private options available in a motivational and inviting atmosphere.  Whether in our outdoor studio or the comfort and convenience of your home or condo. Give me a call/text or email me!  Fitness designed with you in mind!